Please read this article patiently to get to know how to contribute articles to

Know the system

The Pitayan is completely based on a Framework Gridsome for static site. Which means, our articles align with markdown syntax and the article file name ends with an extension of .md. In this way, HTML tags and css become the power of the enhancement.

The repository of the blog is placed on Github/pitayan (currently private). So if an article needs to be published, a commit with that specific article file will be pushed to Github server. Later the CI/CD will handle the build and deployment. Soon the article will become visible on the Pitayan web page.


For those who wants to contribute to Pitayan, please feel free to submit articles. However, there are several commitments for an author to undertake and obey.

  1. A contributor will undertake the legit responsibility of the content of his/her articles. Which means all articles need to be at least original. No copy/paste allowed. However, referencing other articles is permitted.
  2. The content of articles must relate to web development. Which should contain the following example topics:

    • computers
    • softwares
    • technologies
    • soft-skills
    • team-management
    • development & testing
    • tools
    • other topics that engineers are keen on
  3. Obey the laws and regulations.

Submitting Articles

First of all, anyone who submits articles deserves a great appreciation. Posting your articles to Pitayan will be a good decision.

All you have to do is as follows:

1. Create a folder

You need a folder to contain the article file and images.

Note: Please use dash to connect the words for article file. And give it an .md extension after the file name.

# example

2. Your personal information

This will be very important to the article and also to the audience.

The following are the necessary information for your article:

  • title (required)
  • description (required)
  • author (required)
  • introdunction (required)
  • sns (optional)
  • protrait (optional)

Here is an example

title: Vue component
description: This is an article about how to use Vue component
author: daiyanze
introduction: I am a web developort
sns: { "facebook": "yanze.dai", twitter: "daiyanze" }
description: "This is an article about something cool..."


This is an article about something cool...

3. Start Writting

You can use any editor you like to write articles.

4. Hand Over

When you are ready, please send an email with your article folder (zipped) to the following address:

Your articles will be reviewed ASAP. You will be reply when the article is adopted.

!!As for anonymous donations

If you don't want to leave any trace on the article. Pitayan will 100% keep your privacy. Just send the email with your atricle to

If your article is adopted, the published article will have an author of "Pitayan Publisher".