Welcome to Pitayan.com.

This is a place publishing articles about web techonologies and experience about web developments. Thank you for coming by and reading those articles. Hope Those materials could actually help you improve your skills or gain some knowledge in web development industry.

What does “Pitayan” mean?

Pitayan” is composed by the following words:

  • pitaya
  • and
  • blog

Combined as “pitayanblog”. It means “dragon fruit and blog”. “blog” is omitted for brevity. The name was created completely by chance (The founder was eating a dragon fruit and came up with the name of whatsoever is eyes-in-front).

Site introduction

Pitayan.com is published since 2020 to narrate stories or studies about software engineering. The idea of creating this blog is to simply share knowledge and info to those who hold interest or questions toward certain topics.

System Architecture

As a static blog, there’s nothing but only static files (html css js) hosted on Netlify. The front end technologies used for the website is listed below:


If you are also a developer and want to publish articles to the audience. Why not give it try on Pitayan.com? Simply send your article to the following email address: pitayanblog@gmail.com

Before you do, please take a good look at this page about contribution: write-for-us


Currently Pitayan uses Gmail to receive emails. The address is as below:

Contact Yanze Dai personally via:

At Last

Enjoy reading!

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