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Attempting to create a CSS framework

In 2019, I created a CSS framework and named it Rotla.css. After some refactorings and modifications, I finally released the "toy" framework in 2020.


Vue 3 new features summary

Vue-next (Vue 3) has been out for a while. It is now under release candidate stage which means there won't be big changes on the open APIs. Good to see that Vue has already been stabilized and ready to waltz into our projects.

JSON.stringify accepts 2 other parameters

Do you know that JSON.stringify can actually take 2 other parameters? I didn't know this before I laid my eyes on my colleage's pull request.(I'm such a noob) But it's nothing difficult. Those 2 parameters will help optimize the result in a good format.

Have You Mastered These 9 Vue Techniques?

Now Vue.js has become a hot framework for front end development. There are a lot of engineers utilizing the convenience and powerful features of Vue.js. Yet, some of the solutions we've done might not follow the best practice. Well, let's take a look at those must-know Vue techniques.