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Hello friend! Thought you must be interested in submitting your own writings to this site. Pitayan.com welcome people who are also fan of software development. If you are also one of them, why not read the following guide and begin your writings?


For those who wants to contribute to Pitayan, please feel free to submit articles. However, there are several commitments for an author to undertake and obey.

  1. A contributor will undertake the legit responsibility of the content of his/her articles. Which means all articles need to be at least original. No copy/paste allowed. However, referencing other articles is permitted.
  2. The content of articles must relate to web development. Which should contain the following example topics:
    • computers
    • software
    • technologies
    • soft-skills
    • team-management
    • development & testing
    • tools
    • other topics that engineers are keen on
  3. Obey the laws and regulations. Promise to not submit any inappropriate contents.

Know the system

This site is built with Zola. Which means, our article adopts Markdown syntax. Even if you are not familiar with this mark up language, it’d be a easy tool for you to grasp within short time.

Submit your work

If you wrote your article in Markdown language, then with only a few more steps you’ll be ready to submit.


“Frontmatter” contains a custom attributes at the top of the Markdown file. The valid ones for our side are as follows:

  • title
  • date
  • description: A short brief about the whole article
  • slug (optional): The article path in our site
  • authors: Who wrote this article, welcome collaborators
  • categories: What’s this article about?

A good example here:

title: "I created a sexy voice assistant in 180 lines of code"
slug: "posts/voice-assistant"
description: "The helper app is going to listen to your voice and turn it into plain text. After all that it will open up a new tab page of Google Search with the text recorded."
date: 2020-07-22
    - Yanze Dai
    - Javascript 
    - Vue

Your Info

Don’t worry, you’ll only need to provide public information of yourself. These information will be used in /authors and article pages to tell other readers who wrote this amazing article.

  • name
  • social (required)
  • bio (required)

If you have an profile picture, please do attach it together with your public info.

Another good example here:

name: Yanze Dai
  image: profile.jpg
    stackoverflow: 7831025/daiyanze
    facebook: yanze.dai
    twitter: daiyanze
    github: daiyanze
    medium: "@daiyanze"
    mailto: mailto:ginoalex8964@yahoo.com
    url: https://daiyanze.com
An editor of Pitayan.com (Yes. Please write your bio here.)

Hand Over

When you are ready, please send an email with your article folder (zipped) to the following address: pitayanblog@gmail.com

Your articles will be reviewed ASAP. You will be reply when the article is adopted.

Join us as contributors

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